2016-17 AW CENERE of Max Mara wool coat - Women MaxMara Coats

2016-17 AW CENERE of Max Mara wool coat - Women MaxMara Coats

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And Max Mara (Max Mara)?
The brand is loved around the world, and expand a diverse collection from elegance to casual, and the honeymoon scene fit women's life style.
"SPORTMAX (sportmax)", Max Mara Studio (maxmarastudio), "' S Max Mara (esmaxmarra)", "Weekend Max Mara (weekendmaxmarra), various concept line also.
And that specializes in the fusion of elements both traditional and trendy.

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90% wool, 10% polyamide

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2016-17 AW CENERE of Max Mara wool coat - Women MaxMara Coats